I am a designer and artist that lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

In the day I am a digital experience strategist helping a Canadian bank solve complex UX problems. I work with an amazing team where we design digital customer experiences to help them easily interact with and use our products. I have a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University.

In my free time, I paint and have started to explore mixed-media and collage. I am interested in things and objects we take for granted and people that I know and don’t. I often am caught up in their histories, stories real and/or fabricated. And moments of time and often capture my thoughts. Small unassuming structures who often seem to be overlooked capture my attention. I am drawn to the ones which bear the scars of multiple uses and misuses, sometimes slumping, and often painted over, time and time again. These small buildings have passed from owner to owner containing snapshots of the people, their lives and the things they used and didn’t use.


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