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About me

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I am an experience designer and focus on user and social experiences. I collaborate closely with organizations to drive out business objectives and user requirements, establishing direction and setting goals that are formulated into innovative, creative and strategic visions for web, kiosk and mobile environments.

I am currently a Master of Design candidate in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. My interests are in innovation, culture, communities, wearables, education, and the brain. This list changes regularly as I research and learn.

On my free time I hang out with my husband and kids, read, work on school projects and I paint and do mixed media art. Click on my Art link to see some of my work. My more recent work depicts moments in time and objects that are taken for granted.

I am interested in innovative ideas and am always thinking about the next “big thing”. Feel free to email me if you like my work or want to discuss an idea : km[at]

I am social – find me here:

Twitter  – @heykmax
Instagram: heykmax
Tumblr – Stuff / design-glimpses

A weekly art project inviting others to participate:
SundayART Pinterest